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Sabrina's Champion Kids

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GrAm/Can Ch Rikar's Crime Of The Century Am SOM Am LOM


2008 "American National Specialty" - "Reserve Winner's Dog"

2009 "American National Specialty" - Winner of the "Open Brindle class"

2011 "Boxer Club Of Canada Specialty" - "Award Of Merit"

2011 "Alberta Boxer Specialty" - "Award Of Merit"

2012 "American National Specialty" - "Select Dog"-Breeder/Owner/Handled!

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With an entry of 100 specials, Justice wins "Select Dog" under breeder judge David Abraham at the 2012 "American Boxer National Specialty" and these were the judges comments about Justice:
"If I had to choose one male's head as approaching the ideal at this year's ABC, it would he his. No mathematically "ideal" proportion however, can really explain the melting expression generated by his dark "mood mirroring" eyes, or the velvet texture of his muzzle and chin, his clean moderately broad backskull and high ear-set. And with his moderate angularion, perfectly balanced front and rear, and firm, straight topline, he was also an outstanding mover!

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Oct 10/07- July /2017-Lost his fight with DM.
He was too proud of a dog to watch him struggle anymore.

Breeder/owner/handler: Karen Deschambault

Justice 4 yrs
Justice 5 yrs old

Sire: Am Ch Gemstone's Diamonds N Jems "Rock" A/C SOM
Dam:Am Can Ch Berlane N Bravo Hear Me Roar A/C DOM AmLOM "Sabrina"

Justice becomes a new "AMERICAN LEGION of MERIT" in 2019!!!!

Health Testing:
Echo (11 mos) No murmurs, Aortic 1.72 Pulmonic 1.08
Echo (2 yrs) Aortic 1.78 Pulmonic 1.32 (both done by Board Certified Cardiologist Dr.Braz Ruivo)
Echo (6 yrs) No Murmurs, Aortic 1.67 Pulmonic 1.35 ( Board Cert. Cardiologist Dr. Hawkes)
Echo (8 yrs) No murmurs, Aortic 1.55 Pulmonic .84 (Board Certified Cardiologist Dr.Braz Ruivo)

Holter 2008 (13 mos) 0 VPC's
Holter 2010 (2 yrs) 0 VPC's
Holter 2011 (3.5 yrs) 0 VPC's
Holter 2012 (4.5 yrs) 0 VPC's
Holter 2013 (5.5 yrs) 8 single VPC's
Holter 2014 (7 yrs) 0 VPC's

Thyroid 2013 (5.3 yrs) TgAA Negative Levels Normal

OFA Hip 3 yrs-"EXCELLENT" "BX-4439E36M-PI"
At Risk for DM
ARVC Hetero

Justice has many great Boxer traits, but his temperament is something no picture could ever capture. He exudes confidence, has a non stop attitude in and out of the ring, adores people and will do ANYTHING to get near them for a "bear hug". All of his get have inherited his showy confident attitude as well! He is a ham bone at home and is an incredibly affectionate dog.

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Justice's Producers of Merit and Champions:

MBISS GrAm Ch Ensign's Justified AmSOM (Peyton)
2014 Westminster Kennel Club Award of Merit
2014 American Boxer Top Twenty Contender
2013 #6 Boxer (All Systems Breed points)
2013 ABC Award - Most Best In Specialty Wins - 9 (tie)
-Sire of "ABC's Grand Futurity Winner" 2017

Am GrCan MBISS Ch Tybrushe's Sultan Of Swing AmSOM CSOM (Sully)
-Canadian National Specialty Winner 2014
-American National Specialty BOS 2016
-Boxer Club Of Canada's Sire of The Year 2016
-Sire of "ABC's Junior Futurity Winner" 2017

Am Ch Ensign's Architect AmSOM (Roark)

Am Ch Streamline N Inspiration Crime Boss AmSOM (Capone)
-Top 20 Contender in 2015

Am Ch Ensign's Justice For All (Sloan)
Am Ch Shilo's Barrow Gang Most Wanted at Raklyn (Clyde)
Am Ch Raklyns Machine Gun Mama At Shilo (Bonnie)
Am Can Ch Tybrushe's P.S I Love You (Gidget)
Am Ch Streamline's Life of A Mafia Queen (Carmella)
Am Ch Inspiration's Hush Money (Piper)
Am Can GrCh Amity Hall's Beautiful Dirty Rich (Swagger)
-Canada's #4 Boxer 2016
Am Ch Amity Hall's Fame N Fortune(Yaya)

Can Ch Tybrushe's Debonaire (Slate)
Can Ch Tybrushe's Romancing The Stone (Stone)

Justice became a New Sire of Merit in the U.S
in 2014 at 7 years of age!
Justice became a New Legion of Merit in the U.S in 2019.
He would have been just under 12 years of age!

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head turned1.jpg
Justice and I, at the 2012 American National
side stack crop1.jpg
Winning "Select Dog" Breed/Owner/Handled

Justice (1 month shy of 5 yrs old) winning "Group 2" at the Salt Lake
"Intermountain West Working Specialty" under breeder judge Janet Sinclair!

May 22/09:Justice (19 mos old) finishes his American Championship in 17 days of shows!
Justice's previous 13 pts and 3 majors were breeder/owner/handled by myself!

Justice finished by winning BOW at the "Spokane Boxer Specialty" (for his last 2 pts) under John Connolly! He was handled by Kimberlie Steele-Gamero for WD and I handled him to BOW.

Justice wins the Open Brindle" class at the 2009 American Boxer Club's National Specialty, handled beautifully by Diego Garcia and judged by Elizabeth Gunter!
Judges Comments:

"A very attractive dog of correct type, he has a beautiful head and expression. Correct bone and substance. Correct depth of body. He is sound and he moved out well"

See Justice's litter sister "Macy", who took "Best Of Winners" at the National as well!

Open Brindle line up.
(photo Kti Jensen)
Open Brindle line up.
(photo Wes Larnie)
Justice and Diego
(photo Wes Larnie)


April 17-20 /09: At the Lewiston, Idaho shows I showed Justice and he won BOB and BOW two days and picked up another 2 points. He now has 13 pts and all his majors! (pics below)

Justice with judge Richard Lopaschuk taking BOB and BOW
Justice with Janet Sinclair taking BOB and BOW

Sept 11-14/08: Justice wins 11 pts and 3 majors, towards his American Championship...all breeder/owner/handled:

BOW and BOS- Intermountain West Working Group- 2 pts under breeder judge Bruce Voran
BOW,BOS, BP - Boxer Club Of Salt Lake Specialty- 3 pt major under breeder judge Butch Engel
BOW Bonneville Basin KC- 3 pt major under breeder judge Patricia Healy
BOW - Bonneville Basin KC- 3 pt major under Col Joe Purkenhiser (pictured below).

Justice (11 mos) "3 pt major-BOW" under judge Col Joe Purkenhiser.

Reserve Winners Dog (almost 7 mos old) under Mrs. Sinclair- handler Diego Garcia
Mrs. Sinclair's comments: "A stunning young male from the 6-9 brindle class! His overall head and body components were balanced and fitting. His movement was very good down and back and he moved around the ring with reach and drive and animation.

May 2008:His grandsire "Sabre" won RWD 10 years earlier and then ....... Justice wins "Reserve Winners Dog" at the "American National Specialty" from the 6-9 class!!!!

ABC 6-9 brindle class of 26: FIRST-Mrs. Janet Sinclair
ABC 6-9 brindle futurity class of 22: FOURTH- Virgina Shames

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November/11: After being out of the ring for 2 yrs, due to several foot surgeries from a thorn in his pad, Justice comes back in style and wins TWO "Award Of Merits" November/ 11!! Thank you to Sheila McAvoy for handling Justice to these wins!

Breeder Judges Richard Beauchamp and Javier Ramirez
Justice with his litter sister Macy winning AOM's!

April 3/09:Justice wins "Best Juvenile In Sweeps" under breeder Deb Schenher at the Alberta Boxer Club Specialty.

March 30 /09:Justice win "BOB and a Group 3" at the Camrose show under judge Mark Houston-McMillan.

Aug 29-30 /08: Justice wins "Puppy Group" all three days at the "Kamloops Kennel Club" show under Sue Badick , Loraine Boutwell and Cheryl Lee Shaw (photo below)!

Justice (10 mos) "Best Puppy In Group" under judge Cheryl Lee Shaw.

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Aug 1-4 /08: Justice (9 1/2 months old) had a wonderful weekend at "Alberta Kennel Club" show!

"Best Puppy in Specialty" at the "Alberta Boxer Club Specialty" under Ramon Podesta
"Best Puppy in Group" under Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat

Justice's dam "Sabrina" won "Best Dam and Progeny" at the "Alberta Boxer Specialty" as well!

"Best of Breed" (13 specials) and "Best Puppy in Breed" under Dana Cline
"Best Puppy in Breed" and "Best Puppy in Group" under Robert Vandiver

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Justice is pictured above winning "WD" under Larry Sinclair at the "Alberta Boxer Club Booster".

Justice earned his Canadian Championship his first weekend out, winning three days in a row, at just six months old!

His litter sister Rikar's She's So Sweet won "BOW" the same day!

Pictured winning "BOW" under James Frederiksen

Pictured finishing his Canadian Championship taking "BOW" under Ole Neilsen

Candid pics of Justice at the show (View #311, #313, #315)

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"Justice" is our first brindle in years and we are so excited about him! He is such a sound moving dog with such beautiful expression and as a bonus....he just loves to show! We think he has a really bright future ahead of him.

5 months old
5 1/2 months old

12 weeks old
4 months old

My big brother Simon is SO warm!
So sleepy after my ear surgery.

New Winter outfit.
Is there room for me too Mom?

Please check Justice's other three Champion litter mates Diva , Wyatt, and Macy.

Justice and his littermates at 7.5 weeks